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Rule of Three Solutions is a consulting group focused on improving performance of people, animals and organizations

We create solutions.



As business growth catalysts, we seek to connect people with their potential, finding opportunity where others find dead ends and asking questions that

inspire, cultivate, and create solutions.

Skills at your disposal


Develop Improvements

Ability to assess dairy powder manufacturing processes and develop improvements




Case Study:

The packaging team was pressed for output during a busy time of year, and everyone kept

saying that Saturday overtime was the only answer to get orders out, (with the resulting

costs and fatigue associated). They were averaging 4 product changeovers per 24 hours,

and were down 55 minutes per changeover. When asked about ways to reduce downtime,

they answered that there was "no downtime! We never stop working!

The Solution:

We videotaped a changeover, and coached through multiple ways to reduce steps and

shorten the cycle, resulting in a reduction to 25 minutes per changeover, gaining 120

minutes per day of productive uptime! No Saturday work!


Case Study :

So the young vet students had been interning overseas for 6 weeks on a large dairy, and had started to focus in on the calves. They just couldn't get a handle on the recurring diarrhea issues, and yet had coached the calf team to be doing many of the right things. We went through sanitation with a really keen eye, and ended up discovering that there

was one valve coming off of their pasteurizer that no one knew needed to be opened and manually cleaned.

The Solution:

Gunk built up and smelly, we did a fierce cleaning and things improved greatly in days. My coaching with them was not to scold the workers - instead take a look at the training protocols and see it as an opportunity for Continuous Improvement.

the early years...


Dave’s farming experience started early on his family’s diversified farm operation in eastern Wisconsin. Growing up in a multi-racial, multi-ethnic family prepared Dave for working across many different cultures and formed the foundation for appreciating cultural differences and wanting to improve lives by helping to produce more and better food for people around the world.


Following graduation from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, majoring in Meat and Animal Science, he continued his education over the years, taking Executive Education courses at the UW-Madison School of Business, annual CEU’s required for maintaining membership in the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists (ARPAS), and courses toward an M.A. in Organizational Management through the University of Phoenix.

In addition to maintaining membership in ARPAS and the American Dairy Science Association, Dave enjoyed years as a volunteer teacher of the Junior Achievement curriculum on business/resource use for 4th Grade students, and judging National Finalists in the National FFA Dairy Entrepreneurship competition. A recent source of deep personal reward has been volunteering as a Survivor Mentor with Imerman Angels, an online pairing service for current cancer fighters.



"He is the best kind of leader - humble, creative and collaborative, while holding others to a high standard of work. His honesty, education, experience and work ethic helped grow and diversify our business, allowing us to weather market challenges and cultivate deep customer

relationships throughout the years."  -  Stefanie Fieck


Because everything written or explained in threes "sticks" better.

The human brain best remembers things in patterns, and the smallest number of elements required to make a pattern is three. Quite simply, everything written or explained in threes "sticks" better and things that come in “threes” are more persuasive. Let us help you find the three most important rules or lessons that need to be discovered and communicated for you to achie

ve your potential. We create solutions.

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