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Inspiring Real Personal Growth

Positivity in the face of adversity

Making it a great day 

Applying real-life experiences to inspire better outlook and lift performance

Team Growth


Lean methods to improve profitability 

Appreciation of differences

Beyond tolerance - learning to work as a team 

Product and Market Growth



Fixing product issues

Product and technology introduction

Why Rule of Three?

Because we remember things best in patterns, especially groups of three, better than any other number

What drives us? In other words, WHY?


I believe that we are blessed with resources to feed the human race, and I am driven to help harness them in the most efficient way possible. Those of us who know how to produce food have a responsibility to help improve our systems, for our own kids and grandkids at the very least. 

Opening doors, opening minds


As a business growth catalyst, I seek to connect people with their potential, finding opportunity where others find dead ends, and asking questions that inspire, cultivate, and create solutions.

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